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Whitehead Primary School, Whitehead, County Antrim

Nursery Staff

Our Team


Mr J Loughins, BEd, MEd, PQH (NI)


Nursery Teacher                                  

Mrs R McConnell, BSc(HONS), PGCE (Primary)


Nursery Assistants                                

Mrs K Simpson , NVQ Level 3

Mrs J Ferguson, NVQ Level 3

Mrs D Holmes, NVQ Level 3


The Nursery staff have attained a high standard of qualifications and continuing professional development is undertaken regularly during School Development Days and by attendance at relevant training courses. They relate to various aspects of preschool education such as special educational needs, curriculum development and Nursery leadership/management. The staff also have extensive experience of working with and educating young children, including those with learning difficulties and other barriers to learning.

Long-term research supports the close correlation between staff education/training and the quality of early education, ultimately ensuring the best long-term outcomes for children. We believe that our setting is best placed to provide the greatest opportunities for young children to learn and to have their individual needs met effectively, thus achieving their full potential in all areas of development.